[Mr. and Mrs. Mondays] Moving Month


This month recently became moving month. Our first apartment's lease is inching to a close, and we are moving to a smaller...eh hem...cozier place about 20 minutes away. The new place is fully furnished. Sweet, right? Wrong. It's super duper not sweet.

Moving into a small spot with all of the fixings means we have to completely empty out our current (beautifully spacious) apartment. And for most readers of this blog that live in America, garage sales and the Salvation Army probably pop into your head.

Well, that pops into our head, too, but only because we wish we had access to those options.

We don't have a garage or a yard, so no Saturday morning haggling with middle-aged curmudgeons will ensue. And as far as I know, donation centers are not easily accessible, especially since we don't have a car out here.

What does that mean? Moving to the utmost extreme. We gotta clean it all out. Sell whatever people will buy. And hope it all goes smooth.

Now for why this is on Mr. and Mrs. Mondays...

Bottom line, if I were going through this on my own, I would hate it. I would grumble and gripe under my breath. I would probably end up throwing a lot of stuff away and just give the old shoulder-shrugged "who cares."

But with Liz, I don't do any of that. I just laugh. We just laugh. We know that getting grumpy only makes the other person's day worse. So we don't do it.

When a shelf is sold on Craigslist, we have to put the books housed on that shelf on the floor, stacked in the corner, and we laugh. Then, when a desk is sold, we prop the computer on a box, small stool, or living room table, and we laugh. With each day, our place looks like a college freshman had an interior design field day.

So we just laugh. That is all you can during months like this. Just laugh...


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Sharon.Mom.Granny.Aunt Sharon said...

A sense of humor is the best gift to each other. You are very smart people!