[Mr. and Mrs. Mondays] Couples Friends


Alright, don't click the little "x" yet. If you are not in a relationship at the moment, I assure you, this post may help you understand that title.

We have quite a few couple-friends out here in Seoul. That has been an incredibly nice aspect of our time in Korea. Considering we got married just about 10 months ago, wiggling our way into marriage after dating for over five years was awkward at times. Things like budgeting, schedules and house-cleaning inherently need discussion.

But here is the kicker...The discussion doesn't always have to be between just Liz and I. We branch out.

When we hang out with our other married friends out here, we talk and joke about around-the-house stuff a lot. For starters, it's usually pretty funny to hear about how two people had to have a sit-down conversation about how to fold socks.

 But also, because we get insight into how they figured stuff out. And at that point, we don't have to figure it out any longer.

"Did you hear about how they use disposable income,"...."Yeah. I don't really like it,"..."Me neither."..."Let's get ice cream,"...."Good idea."

Badda Bing Badda Boom. Problem solved.

Couple friends are great resources for what to do, and what not to do in a young marriage. As well as great resources for enchiladas on a random weeknight. :)

So, for the single people out there, don't hate on couples when they hang out. We are not trying to get exclusive. We are just trying to get better at being a couple.



Melody said...

Hahaha, it's the same for single people right? Don't hate on us for hanging out with single people, we are just trying to get married.

I kid, I kid. You both know I try to hang out with married couples way more often than singles. I can't help my working environment :)

hannah love said...

hahah this was great! loved it.

nice to know you're learning how NOT to do things :)

clara yoon said...

i like :)