New York: Kaylen & Martin's Wedding


A couple weeks ago, Mark and I flew to New York for 6 days to celebrate the beautiful marriage of Kaylen and Martin. It was a whirlwind trip, loaded with wedding-related celebrations and much-needed family time. The wedding itself was absolutely beautiful, and we were so happy and thankful to take part in it.

There was a morning or two that Mark and I had to ourselves. One of them was filled with meeting up with Michael, our good friend whom we met in Korea but has recently moved back to Philadelphia. He came out to New York just to spend a few hours with us, which was so much fun. We explored the Chelsea Market, High Line Park, and the rows of art galleries in the surrounding area. On another morning, we explored Brooklyn as a potential "home" for the future. We walked through the beautiful Prospect Park, where I immediately started to cry because I was filled with so much happiness, seeing all the dogs and families frolicking around (mind you, I had been to Prospect Park before). Apparently, I had missed seeing tree-lined streets, families taking their dogs for walks, and farmer's markets.

The rest of the time was filled with family breakfasts, family lunches, family dinners, rehearsals, and of course, the big day. I, unfortunately, don't have any photos of the wedding because I was busy taking video, but we'll have a fantastic video to show you once Mark and I are finished editing it :)

[A big family breakfast the morning after we arrived.]

[In a random alley in Chelsea.]

[Chelsea Market]

[Hi Michael!]

[Lunch at High Line Park.]

[The cutest puppy. She was scared of all the noise, so she kept hiding in between her owner's feet!]

[On the way to a jazz bar.]

[Why, hello there.]

[A big family dinner at Mark's dad's amazing apartment.]

[The bride and the brother!]

[Prospect Park]

[The rehearsal]

 [And, finally, the day is here! The beautiful bride getting ready.]

It seems like our trip was over in a blink of an eye, but when we reminisce, the wonderful time spent with family is so vivid in our minds. We'll be holding those memories tightly until it's time to come home again.

And finally, a big congratulations to Martin & Kaylen Giannini! You two are a beautiful, eloquent couple, and your wedding reflected that in every sense. Thank you for letting us take part! We love you guys.

Until next time, bisous...


hannah love said...

great photos

i can't wait for you to be in brooklyn so i can visit you!

Michael said...

Great photos. They look like film! And that church is amaaazing

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