[iPhone.ography] Rewinding the last 2 months


I finally figured out how to upload my iPhone pics! Here are the last 2 months through the eyes of my iPhone.

[This photo was taken soon after I returned to Korea. You'll notice that my right eye is awkwardly swollen. This photo was in the midst of two months of excruciating pain, which was caused by a severe ulcer in my eye! The cause? I believe a false eyelash tore up my eye on my wedding day. But I was too excited/happy to notice (or care). Then, I was too careless to get it checked out right away. It got so bad, I couldn't open my eyes if there was light. Which consequently meant that I had to be a hermit for the first month of Korea, and worse, I had to wear sunglasses indoors and at night.]

[My mom sent me basil seeds for Christmas two years ago. We planted them in August. Big mistake because, apparently, baby basil--or as I like to call them "basies--don't like to bake in the sun. There were at least 14 but only 3 survived.]

[Because Mark didn't start work until late August, we had a lot of free time, which translated into a lot of sleeping in and exploring...the good life, eh? This was just one of our adventures. We discovered the most amazing furniture store/gallery in the middle of Hongdae.]

[My beautiful cousins!]

[Another fun discovery was the board game cafe. On one rainy afternoon, four boys and I joined together for about 8 hours to play a board game that had to do with trains and cities. The name escapes me at the moment. It was so much fun and a perfect way to spend some quality time with Michael Holmes (in green) before he returned to America!]

[Mark and I also volunteered for the Jerusalem Ministry Soccer Camp. 47 boys from 6 children homes spent 3 days learning soccer and teamwork. Mark was the coach for Team Germany, who ended up winning the final tournament on Day 3. I was the videographer. You can check out the video here.] 

[My dear friend, Alvin, whom I've known since high school, visited us for 10 days. Showing him around was so much fun. You can see better pictures here. And you can read more about it here

[Personal space is an issue in Korea. For the most part, I've gotten used to it. But this, this is unacceptable. I just can't allow a stranger's head to rest on my shoulder. It's just too far. I'm sorry.]

[At Jagalchi Market in Busan. As we were buying octopus to eat later, 
the seller just threw the moving octopus into Mark's hand!]

[The summer was hot. 'Nuff said.]

[Our friends, Taylor & Ashley, had a baby! They came over for dinner and while everyone talked, 
I held Judah and stared at him the entire time...sigh.]

[You know who else had a baby?!?!?! My brother and sister, Sam & Starr Ratto! Everyone, meet Salem Ratto. For the following months, Uncle Mark and Aunt Liz ogled via Skype. 
But come October, they finally get to meet him!]

[Two things: #1) I think my motherly instincts are prematurely kicking in. I so desperately want to take care of something. A puppy or a baby. Either one. #2) I cut off all my hair and it feels so good
By the way, I love corgis. Case in point: this video.] 

["Project Domesticated" is a term I coined in an effort to cook more for my hubs. It's been so much fun to find recipes and make my husband's tummy happy. This is just a photo of a stocked fridge that makes me happy, which means I've almost fully achieved "Project Domesticated." 
When has a stocked fridge ever made me this happy?!]

[After Charlotte made her grand comeback to Seoul, it's been nothing but laughs with this one. Seconds after this photo, she said, "Now send it to Jamie! Send it to Jamie!"]

 [I may or may not have cut my hair again.]

So that's the last couple of months in a nutshell. Hope I can offer some better photos soon, but that all depends on if Nikon can get my camera working again!

Until next time, bisous...


Mark said...

Great post!!! I really dig revisiting these memories. I am a much bigger fan of iPhone photos now.

melody said...

You cannot imagine my suprise, shock and totaly happiness at visiting your blog and finding TWO POSTS i had yet to read! I had so much fun looking at your summer through your iphone. Have a GREAT time in new york! I am not jealous, AT ALL....