What a month!


I know my 366-day project hasn't been as consistent as it should be. And I've done a poor job of taking a photo a day for February. But I do hope to get back into it for March.

February has been a whirlwind of a month. We celebrated Mark's birthday, Valentine's Day, Jamie's going-away and we had a false start to moving into our new apartment (will explain later), among other things. February has been a month marked by transitions, a major test in patience and a lesson in time management.

I'll admit, I've let the pressure of wedding planning get to me at various times, but more importantly, the exciting realization that it's finally around the corner hits me all the time. It's really fun to know we're in the double-digits countdown now!

For some reason, a lot of financial curveballs have been thrown our way this month. However, it has also been a rewarding for Mark and I as we've seen the fruits of our frugalness (aka saving!). We purchased our flights home in April and our honeymoon to Riviera Maya, Mexico! The expenses were steep, but we feel good knowing that we saved for these exact things for the last month and a half. And it's sure gonna feel good when we're soaking in the rays on the white sandy beaches.

I'll be honest and say that I'm more than happy to say "goodbye" to February. I'm excitedly anticipating March and April as I've officially marked these two months as "crunch time." We'll be in major money-saving mode, and I'll be doing as much last-minute planning as I can do overseas before the real crunch time hits when I return to California.

Until next time...bisous xoxo

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