Pause & Resume


Since returning to Korea, I've been learning a lot of things about myself and life's transitions, which required a lot more thinking and self-analyzing than I would have liked. It required me to reflect, shift my mind from negative to positive and find peace again. Unfortunately for sans borders, that left little time or desire to update this blog. But now, with new revelations, more growth and a fresh perspective, I'm excited to share with you again...and what better timing than the end of another year?

The end of this year, however, isn't like any other. If I could give 2011 a name, it would be called "Transition." For this was the first full year out of college, where I learned what it's like to live as a freelancer and why it's important to open your mind when an opportunity you would've never thought of before presents itself. It's the year I learned that saying "yes" to other opportunities other than writing can be just as beneficial, if not more, as a writing gig. Working with children, being on the radio, editing other people's work, taking a stand against sex trafficking...these are all things that took me outside of my "I must be a writer and nothing else" mode, and taught me just how important it is to grow and experience other areas of life.

And the most obvious transition is changing my Facebook relationship status from "In a relationship" to "Engaged." I kid, I kid...But in all seriousness, 2011 marks the year where I went from being my best friend's girlfriend to my best friend's fiance. It's the year where I went from wearing no nice jewelry to wearing one very nice rock on my finger in a matter of seconds. And most importantly, it's the year where I got hit with a lot of realizations - I'll no longer be living for myself anymore, chasing my own dreams, living my own life; no, instead, we'll be living our life (singular on purpose) and chasing our dreams. I've had to challenge my previous way of thinking (selfish) to prepare myself for how I need to be living (selfless). It's a lot to take in but I welcome the challenge with excitement!!! (<----- That's THREE exclamation points!)

Anyway, I didn't intend for this post to be a reflection of 2011, but I'll just let it happen. But keep your eyes open for exciting pictures of all the things I failed to blog about in the last month and a half: an overnight trip to Gwangju, my birthday, Thanksgiving and my best friends visiting!

Until then, ciao <3


Kaylenr said...

Miss Elysabeth,

It has been a big year indeed! I would love to connect with you soon and hear how all is going. Perhaps we can skype soon?

Love you,


Sharon.Mom.Granny said...

I love your writing Liz....please keep it going.