Thailand: Part II


In addition to lounging and eating, Charlotte and I did quite a bit of exploring on the island. Koh Chang's west side has most of the developed beaches while there's really nothing on the east side. Aside from exploring Kai Bae (the beach we stayed at), we went to White Sands Beach (the most developed and party-central of the island), Lonely Beach (the backpacker's paradise) and Bangbae (a local fishing village). Each were very unique and fun to explore, but at the end of the day, we were so thrilled to have chosen Kai Bae. It suited us perfectly.

Here are some photos of the other beaches. Despite the differing vibes, each were spectacular to the eye!

[In Lonely Beach at sunset]


[When I think of the perfect location to read a book, this is it.]


[Orchids growing out of an old coconut!]

My favorite spot other than Kai Bae was Bangbae, the fishing village. All the houses, shops and restaurants were connected by long, skinny piers with funky and colorful docked boats lining them. As we walked to the very end of the main pier, the sun was setting and there were local children jumping into the water. On one side of me, there were houses and boats of all shapes and colors. And on the other side, there were gorgeous green mountains protecting the most beautiful ocean I've ever seen. It was one of those moments where you just knew that this was going to become a memory in which you'd look back on whenever you needed to "escape." I could almost hear my brain's photographic shutter go off. Click.





[A restaurant on the water, who served fresh seafood.]










Bangbae, and Koh Chang in general, was such a photogenic place. I couldn't stop snapping photos, and even though I felt kind of bad because I wasn't letting myself just be in the present, I'm so glad I have these photos to look back on. And to think these pictures don't even capture the real beauty!

I'll leave you with this for now. The next part has to do with elephants and trekking! Yeeeee!

Until then, bisous xoxo


hannah love said...

ahhhh these are awesome!!!
the 3rd picture is so cool. where is it?? i need to go there!

Kaylenr said...

How beautiful! I am going to make the "reading a book" spot my new wallpaper.

I am still overwhelmed with joy that you and Charlotte went on this trip together. How absolutely incredible!

Love, love, love,


clara yoon said...

beautiful liz <3 looks like you had an amazing time!

calijulz said...

wonderful!! thanks for sharing :) love raya & julie

Candice. said...

what a wonderful escape.

All your photos make me wanna jump right into the picture!!!

next stop .. U.S.A.

YAY!!! :D

I can't wait to see you.
Missing you.