From what I'm told, Korea's weather has been pretty wacky all year. First, it was the long winter. Then, it was the almost nonexistent spring. Now, it's the incessant rain. And yeah, while it's lame to have weeks on end of torrential downpour, I am so relieved that the heat hasn't been as bad as my childhood summers spent here. Sure, it's muggier, but at very least, the heat is bearable.

Thankfully though, the weather has been truly beautiful for the past two weeks (like California standards "beautiful). The mornings are crisp, the sun is always bright and there are only white fluffy clouds in the sky--you know, the ones you always wished you could just jump into. So, as you can imagine, it's impossible to not want to be outside. In fact, just the other day, Mark and I rode our bikes along the river for the first time in awhile and the sunset was uh-mazing! It just confirmed to us that every moment we're not working indoors, we need to be outside. This nice weather, I'm learning, is a rarity, so I need to take advantage of it as much as I can.

And here's how I've done just that in the last few weeks. Enjoy...

[This was taken at the beginning of summer.
An impromptu picnic along the river is always perfect.]


[Puppies! The one on the left is my friend Kenny's. Her name is Chichi.
The one on the right is Molly after a bad haircut.]

[And this is me practicing my inner dog-whisperer. It wasn't working out too well.]



[Regardless, cuddling with Molly is THE best!]

[Nothing beats a Sunday morning coffee date with Charlotte :)]

[Afternoon walks throughout the city, behind fiery grandmas]


[This is my definition of a good day: outdoors with a coffee and gossip magazines. Oh yeah.]

[This Vespa shop is right near my place and I'm always swooning over the
vintage-style and fun colors.]

[An intersection on one amazingly beautiful summer night.]

[The sky looks like God's canvas!]

[On the ride home from Dongjak Bridge.]

[My favorite part of the day is coming home to this little goofball.]

By the way, most of these photos were taken on a film camera, which I've been getting into lately. My dad gave me an old Canon SLR that he doesn't use anymore, so just a few days ago, I finally worked up the courage to experiment with it. It's a big clunky thing and quite intimidating, but I think I did pretty well for my first film SLR try! What do you think?

More pictures and stories coming soon. Until then, bisous xoxo


clara yoon said...

beautiful pictures liz!! im missing koreaaaa

Sharon.Mom.Granny said...

Yes - the pics are wonderful! And I can't wait to meet Molly!

Anonymous said...

wow loving the pics! the dogs are adorable and i want a scooter!

Candice. said...

Omgosh! Scrolling thru this post, I was asking myself "what camera is she using?" Absolutely love these photos! Tres manifique (sp? Ha ha). <3

Jamie said...

yay! im so glad you got the inspiration to finally give your dads camera a whirl! they came out amazing. we havent been on a day out to shoot around in awhile. lets do this asap before winter surprises us with an early visit. <3