An update on my life, part II.


To relieve some of the lameness of this consistent downpour/humidity/gray-yuckiness, I took Molly to Bau Haus, a dog cafe in Hongdae. Jamie and her friend, Richie, joined me and the moment we walked in, we ran into our other friends, Kenny and Jeena, who I've been trying to set up a doggie date with for the last month or so. It was an awesome coincidence! We sat at their table and spent the next 2 hours just laughing and giggling at all the cute and funny-looking dogs. I quickly realized, however, that Molly thinks she is a person. She's the sweetest dog with any human, but when it comes to other dogs, this little tiny thing puffs up her chest like she's the lion king. As Kenny and Jeena like to say, "Molly's old school."

Here's a snippet of what the dog cafe is like. Lots of dogs just laying around, wrestling, or like Molly, crawling up my leg to get away.

Took Molly to Bau Haus Dog Cafe in Hongdae, Seoul. 'Twas an interesting experience.


Then, later in the week, my friend, Sky, had a bachelorette party at her house. She's getting married in just about a month, so some of her girlfriends gathered together for one last hurrah :) It was an intimate time--just 6 or 7 of us girls--of goofing around, dancing like madmen and stuffing our faces with spaghetti and red velvet cake. *drool*



[Crafting time!]

[Sexy pose]

[Sexy pose attempt #1]

[Sky: this is how you do it.]

[Sexy pose attempt #2]

[Mourning over the fact that they failed miserably at a sexy pose]

A couple days later, I hopped on a train to Busan for 2 days to visit my dad. But I was able to meet up with some friends, who were exploring in Busan at the same time! While there has been a consistent downpour in Seoul, Busan was filled with sunshine, warmth and lots of giddy people. Rather than explore the city, my friends Judy, Clara, Peter, Justin and I just hung out on the beach, took tons of pictures and relaxed. Although the beaches aren't as breathtaking as California beaches (what can I say? I'm spoiled!), it's just nice to be near a body of water with fresh air and the sound of seagulls. It's nostalgic.

The next set of photos is from Clara. She's amazing, isn't she?


[Judy, me and Clara]

[Peter, Judy and me]

[Illustrating how I must cool my armpits off in this humid weather.]

[Yay :D]

[Haeundae Beach, Busan]

Last week was quite the week with parties and Busan and all. BUT this week has turned out to be quite the surprise. I'll explain more later ;-)


Susan said...

I guess we're never satisfied. As happy as I am to see the new blog, I'm just waiting too anxiously for more details of any new development on the wedding to be . . . So?

Laila said...

Liz, you take the best "jump in the air" photos! haha. and i so want to take my dogs to an indoor dog cafe! can't wait for the next post! :D