Who can blame me?


I was trying to avoid writing another post about Molly, which just resulted in another week w/o a blog post. So why not? Heck, she's cute anyway :)

I took her to Busan last week to visit my dad and the rest of the gang. I have a plastic crate for her but it's so big and the seats on the KTX train are so tight, I figured it would be more convenient to just carry her in a bag. She isn't exactly accustomed to being in small spaces (but it's getting better), so it's always a bit of a struggle to get her to sit properly in my messenger bag (she's too big to fit in a normal purse). Her legs always go haywire and she tries to hop out any chance she gets. But after a few minutes or so, she gives up in defeat.

She was good for most of the train ride there. It's about 2 1/2 hours give or take, and for an hour of it, she slept, which meant I got to sleep to (with my finger around her collar, of course). But then, the other hour and a half, she was just itching to jump into the lap of the man sitting next to me, who didn't seem to be much of a dog fan considering the look of disgust on his face.

Which, by the way, deserves an entirely different blog post in and of itself...why are so many Koreans afraid of dogs? Do they think they're dirty? Or vicious? I can't tell you many times I've walked Molly, who is a whopping 6 lbs., when grown women in their 50s and 60s recoil in absolute horror. Last week, as I was taking Molly out for a potty break, a mother picked up her 10-year-old son to protect him from my vicious canine. But then, there are so many people who just adore Molly...they'll talk to her and bow as if they're having a normal conversation with a human being. It's the oddest thing.

Anyway, back to my train ride to Busan. Molly was fidgety but all of that was easily forgivable UNTIL...

She farted! It was a silent but deadly one too. And believe me, I got looks. Lots of them. And they were mean ones too.

I could have said something to try and save face, I guess, but what good would that have done? They would have thought I was just lying and blaming the dog. So instead, I decided to say nothing and hang my head in shame. Then, I secretly cursed Molly while she happily wagged her tail and contemplated how to get into my neighbor's lap.

During our 2-night stay in Busan, I got a proper dog bag, so the way back wasn't as hectic. She did paw at the door for half the time, but at least she wasn't farting in everyone's faces. Overall, she was a very good traveler.

Here's some pictures taken over the course of the last week. She's a cutie huh? ;-)

[She always wanted to ride in the driver's seat for some reason]

[Then, she fell asleep on the wheel...literally.]

[This was taken a couple days ago while I was working.
She wanted me to stop and pay attention to her instead.]

Until next time, bisous xoxo


calijulz said...

too cute!!

Sharon.Mom.Granny said...

You were brave to take her on the train...but I guess that is the only way for her to become a good traveler!

Susan said...

Aunt Mary was just complaining yesterday that you weren't posting enough pictures, videos and blogs about Molly. This should give her a chuckle to last for a while. How funny. And don't you dare say what I think you would love to say!

AuntMary said...

I can see most of the pictures in your other posts none in this.
When I double click on the msg that photo is not available, it gives me a message that it's marked private.

I'm posting this comment to see posting a comment will open it up.

AuntMary said...

No luck.
I'll just be satisfied with viewing them on Daniel's computer.