Meet Molly.



I adopted her from Animal Rescue Korea, which is this great website with listings of animals who need to be adopted in Korea. I wrote an article about can read it here if you'd like.

But anyway, getting back to Molly, she's adorable, a sweetheart and extremely mellow. I'm completely smitten over her. Because she's a rescue dog, we're not 100% sure what mix of breeds she is, but just by the looks of it, we're guessing she's a mix of Maltese and Terrier (just look at those ears). She's between 2-3 years old and she's very healthy!

Because she's not a pup, her temperament is very relaxed and she appears to be completely house-trained (she hasn't had an accident inside yet!). And best of all, she's full of surprises. For example, she stands and sits on her hind legs only. She also pees on her front legs only, like she's doing a headstand. It's the oddest thing. To be honest, I didn't find the peeing on the front legs thing cute at all, just weird. When people walked by while she was tinkling, I'd get embarrassed. But now, I just think it's hilarious! Mark and I joke that she was in the circus before I adopted her. One of these days, I'll take a picture of her in action.

[You can kind of see her sitting on her hind legs in this video]
A lot of people discouraged me from getting a dog because they were afraid I'd be stuck at home taking care of her instead of exploring Korea. Although I appreciate the concern, we couldn't be happier. My dad, who lives in Busan, has happily volunteered to dog sit her if I ever go on vacation. If it's a day-trip thing, I can just leave her at home, or even better, take her with me!

[Eating some kind of doggy gum]

[She likes this spot; unfortunately, it isn't conducive to my productivity]

You'll be seeing and hearing more of her in the coming days, weeks and months. I'm just getting used to this whole being-responsible-for-something/someone-else-other-than-myself thing ;)

Until next time, bisous <3


Anonymous said...

OMG! she is so adorable & her name is perfect! Are you going to be bringing her back when you return to the US? I saw some ADORABLE kittens in Paris and I was SO tempted to bring one home, so I've always wondered what the process is like to bring a pet home...

Kaylenr said...

So cute! You are so lucky to have a built-in dog-sitter. Have fun and keep posting pictures :)