The worst disaster since WWII.


It seems as though everyone around the world has been fixed in front of their T.V. or computer as more information regarding Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami continues to be released. The pictures are horrifying, the articles are depressing and it seems as though the bad news never stops.

My heart breaks for the victims. Every news site has a photo slide that reveals absolute devastation. The pictures say it all: cold hands belonging to dead bodies are desperately reaching for help under layers upon layers of rubble, displaced children are frantically searching for their parents, old women who should be retired and resting are mourning over their families and flattened homes.

But what hurts more is the increasing lack of character and sympathy I'm observing from a community who should be standing together to pray, to help and to encourage. In the last two days, as the news continues to deliver more horrific photos of devastation, our attention is directed to an ignorant female from UCLA who "rants" about Asians in the library. During a time when everyone should be joined together to encourage Japan (regardless if it's finals week or not), we have to listen to an embarrassing video that promotes stereotypes and racism.

Further, I've seen numerous examples where Christians are taking this opportunity to say that the end times are near. However, if that's you, I urge you to choose your words wisely before you say something, post something or Tweet something because grieving people do not want to hear, nor will they understand, people praising the devastation because it's a sign of the end times. It sounds insensitive and it furthers people's pain.

In a society where social media is becoming the way of life--to gather news, to communicate, to spend free time, to protest, to complain, etc--I'm saddened by the growing lack of discretion. Facebook, YouTube, blogs and the like are not journals. They're not private. They're accessible to virtually anyone and it's important to remember that stupidity has consequences.

If you're like me, you'd love to drop everything and fly over to Japan to help out in anyway possible. Unfortunately, for many of us, that's just unfeasible right now. But do remember that there are ways to help, even from the comfort of your own home.

- American Red Cross: those who want to help can go to and donate to Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami. People can text REDCROSS to 90999 and make a $10 donation to help those affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

- Global Giving: Global Giving is working with International Medical Corps, Save the Children and other organizations on the ground. Go to to make a one-time or monthly donation.

- Salvation Army: go to to donate online or text the words "Japan" or "Quake" to 80888 to make a $10 donation.

- Go to the NY Times page for more ways to donate.

Thanks for listening and I'm sorry for taking such a serious tone today. But these issues were really pressing at me and I thought it was important to share. Hope you all have a beautiful day.
Bisous xoxo


Susan said...

And we CAN and SHOULD pray.

Candice. said...

Thank you for taking the time to write this post.

It really isn't a time for insensitivity and ignorance.

I love you.


toddandjeanne said...

Very well said. I pray for forgiveness anywhere I may have shown insensitivity and a lack of discretion. May it never be!

Susanz Place said...

now that is a word that NEEDED to be said - boldly with passion and grace.
very well said!!!!

Sharon.Mom.Granny said...

Beautifully said...expressed my thoughts and emotionally exactly!

Linda said...

All I can do is add my hearty "Amen!"