Thrown off but back on track


Last week was supposed to be productive: I had an interview with a blacksmith-turned-pizza-maker for an article I am working on, I was supposed to begin my intensive Korean-language studying, I had many fun blog posts lined up and I had an entire list of things to do before my mom arrives Wednesday!

Well, all that went down the drain when I lost my wallet on Monday. I spent the day with Jamie in Hongdae as we walked around, window shopped and ate in the beautiful (& warm!) weather. But sometime after dinner and before I reached into my purse to grab my wallet at the convenience store did my wallet meet its doomed fate. By the time I realized it was gone, it was already 9:30 p.m. and too late for me to go back to Hongdae before everything closed. I called the restaurant that night with no luck, so the next day, I decided I'd retrace my every step after work.

[Jamie's attempt at giving the decal a new head]

[In Hongdae when all was good, aka before I lost my wallet]


[The sun was beautiful that day!]



[The last place I used/saw my wallet]



[That yellow stuff isn't mustard; it's delicious egg oozing over :)]

With high hopes the next day, I set off, determined I'd find my wallet. What encouraged me more was everyone telling me that it's highly unlikely someone stole it. If it's lost, I should expect it in the mail.

Let me just tell you, it has been a week since then and I'm still walletless and my mailbox is empty -___-

Anywho, after about 2 hours of searching, I went to the visitor information office, where a nice woman offered to call the local police station to see if anyone turned it in there. The station was closed, so she asked me to come back the next day. Meanwhile, I called every subway station's lost & found office, but nada.

The next day (Wednesday), I went back to Hongdae only to be told they do not have my wallet. By Thursday, I was so exhausted from all the dead-ends and sulking that I finally decided to do something about it. I went to the bank to get a replacement card, so that I could access my account, but then, they informed me that I needed my identification card to do so. I explained to them that my ID was also in my wallet and in order to get a new one, I'd need money, which I can only access with a new bank card. They kind of shrugged me off and said "tough luck." By the way, is it just me or are all banks around the world just impossible??

[Sometimes the best remedy to a bad day is an evening at a cafe with your love, a good book and some ice cream]

[Or if that doesn't work, you can always go to the local park to blow off some steam]




Generously, Mark lent me some money to do everything I needed to do and on Friday, I went to the immigration office to get my replacement ID card. I had to wait a few hours (the experience is comparable to a day at the DMV, except the employees are much more pleasant) but as soon as I got my new ID, I rushed over to the nearest KB Star bank. Unfortunately, it was 4:10 by the time I reached one and they closed at 4 p.m.

To avoid getting extremely frustrated, I kept reminding myself that at least I got my ID card because that requires the longest process anyway.

It's Monday now, my mom is due in two days and I've not prepped at all, still no wallet, interview for my article was canceled, no new bank card yet and I haven't had access to my account in order to buy a Korean book.

But it's a new week and sometimes all we need is a new start. Cheers to another Monday!

PS- As you can see, no matter how bad the week is, it's not going to stop me from playing! :D


christina said...

lys that's terrible :( :( keeping my fingers crossed that everything turns out okay; but in the meanwhile, commending you for your positive attitude on the whole thing (i would probably be unable to function) and commenting on your pretty photos! fighting!

Christian said...

I'm sorry Lys about your wallet! Although your wallet was lost, I can see that you didn't lose your joy! I'm gonna pray that your wallet shows up... even though you replaced your ID and bank cards already!

Susan said...

Elysabeth, that expression on your face as you put your thumbs down, is the same look you used to give me when you didn't like something as a child. Hmmmmm. Some things never change???!