Look what I have!


After many requests from friends and family and an equal amount of refusals on my part, I finally caved in and posted a sound clip of what I do at the radio station.

For those of you who don't know, I report on international news on TBS eFM's The Evening Show every Tuesday and Thursday. I just started doing the news segment a couple weeks ago. But before that, I co-hosted a segment every night on the same show called "The Bigger Picture."

This clip is from Tuesday night's show. Enjoy! (and remember: be nice...tee hee hee)

2.8.11 International News by elysabeth8


toddandjeanne said...

Nice. You sound just like an NPR correspondent.

Nicholas said...

Nice Lys :) So cool hearing you sounding very pro already! x

christina said...

hi lys! you sound so professional! nice! :D