Bits of my week(end)


By the time the weekend rolls around, I get pretty restless. A combination of staying indoors because of the cold and the fact that the majority of the day is spent with myself and myself alone, by Friday, I'm itching to meet up with people and explore the city.

Last week, I met up with Jamie after not seeing her for a couple weeks, which is the longest we've been apart since being in Korea. She traveled to Thailand and Malaysia the week before and captured her entire experience with a toy film camera. By Wednesday, she was dying to get the photos developed, so we met up in Chungmuro, which is a neighborhood known for its camera stores. We dropped off her FIVE rolls of film and decided to walk around for a bit to kill some time. Right as we were passing the subway station, we ran into two friends who were planning on shooting around town (take photos). Instead, the four of us sat in a small cafe, catching up on life, reminiscing about college (we all went to the same school) and discussing what our plans are after this year.

[Jungle and Phil laughing at the ridiculous amount of cameras the four of us have put together]


We then shopped at a toy camera store before going back to the film developer, where we played a self-created memory game in which we all wrote down as many of the 50 states we could remember (Phil came in first, me second, Jamie third and Jungle fourth, just in case you were wondering). Phil and I took it a step further by trying to memorize all the African countries, which we failed at miserably. Then, we headed to Myeong-dong for some delicious kalguksu, which is the perfect soup for terribly cold days.

[Toy cameras galore!]

On Friday, Jamie and I met up again to walk and talk around Hongdae, our favorite neighborhood. These pictures will illustrate exactly why we love Hongdae. Despite going there almost every weekend, we're constantly discovering new places. In fact, I don't think I've been to the same place twice because there are just that many cafes, restaurants and shops that make it impossible to ever get sick of Hongdae.

[Charlie Brown Cafe]

[My cappuccino]

[An adorable cosmetics store]

[Lomography, another toy camera shop]

[An impromptu visit to the optometrist]

[And new glasses!]

[Shortly after, we met up with Mark at a snowboarding competition
smack dab in the middle of Hongdae]

[Although Mark looks like he's freezing, it was one of the warmer nights in Seoul]

[We headed to Vinyl, where they serve drinks in bags!]

[And the perfect way to end the night? Eating BBQ of course!]

So a fun weekend all in all. This upcoming week will be filled with various festivities as it is the Chinese New Year. Jamie's back on the road in Japan, Mark has the week off after Tuesday and although I work on Tues. & Thurs., I'll be spending some quality time with family.

Hope you all had a restful weekend. Until next time, bisous xoxo

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Mark said...

It was so cold that night. I mean come on, they had a snow board comp on the street!