Anonymous said...

When Koda wags, his entire behind wags with him. I've gotten to calling for him and shaking my behind as I say... Koda, Dance!

He thinks that's his command to jump up and do the waltz with me. He's pretty good. 1-2-3!!

Tsion and Max are the same as always... killing animals that get in the yard then flashing their oh,gosh-darn-so-proud-of-it-and-don-t-you-take-the-glory-from-me!!! look.

Linus is the same same little, attention greedy mutt with an under bite that he ever was. He still is the boss of him - meaning... Koda.

Elysabeth said...

Koda is quite flexible...I've always noticed that. I guess it comes in handy for those hard-to-reach places...

Although it gets annoying, I love how Koda jumps on you when you call his name, as if you're just as excited to see him as he is to see you. It's only when he's waiting for a treat will he sort of sit, which is really just squatting as his bottom moves back and forth in anticipation.

Max's new nickname is Eeyore. His ears droop just like Eeyore's too :)

I'm glad to hear that Tsion is still the royal leader that he is. He deserves it. And Linus, well, it's nice to see him try. ;)

Who commented by the way?

Thanks for the update! <3