Feeling much better.


The first half of this week was emotionally rough for me. I was battling some insecurities and frustrations that were directly related to not finding a job. But after a few good discussions with my mom and some friends, I feel a lot better. I don't condone having a pity-party for yourself (although I often fall victim to its temptation too), but a good cry every once in awhile is so cathartic. Wouldn't you agree?

After releasing the negativity, I'm feeling a lot happier and more importantly, positive. In my previous post, I wrote about being here for a month already. But I think it's important to reword that: I have only been here for a month. Therefore, I shouldn't be so hard on myself. Creating goals and deadlines are great but never at the expense of my own happiness. I can't control how life works here, how long it takes to get a job or how easy it is to spend money (kidding, I can totally control that last one), but I can try my hardest, be patient and trust that the man upstairs is taking care of me.

Ever since I figured that out, I've been as happy and relaxed as a clam. And guess what? My creativity and writer's blocks have disappeared! Woot! So that means, more blogging for your reading pleasure :)

[I told you I was feeling creative :)]

Thanks for being patient with me. I love you guys more than you know!

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