Harmonica Shwarmonica


I've recently picked up a new hobby: playing the harmonica.

Well, that statement's a little premature. I'm actually learning how to play the harmonica. I think it's a wonderful instrument that people often overlook because of it's connection to twangy country music. But the sounds that come from that little bar are simply marvelous.

In my attempt to look for how-to videos, I came across this youtube video of one of the most amazing things I've ever seen or heard in my entire life. I mean, seriously, is this guy for real?

See for yourself (but be prepared to be blown away and have a sudden urge to play the harmonica too!)

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Candice said...

Inspired, I must blow the dust off my harmonica & get to playing. Maybe one day I'll learn to play well enough for us to have a little jam session. ha ha... (;