Destination 11: Washington, D.C. [Part I]


Just two years ago, I went to D.C. for a summer internship at a non-profit organization and had the time of my life. I grew up a lot and experienced how exciting it is to adjust to a new place and call it "home." In fact, that's how this blog started: I wanted to chronicle all of my travels for my family and friends at home :)

At the very beginning of this road trip when we figured out our itinerary, the family designated me as the "D.C. and NY leader," which means that I'm in charge of everything we do in those two cities. Just like a good leader does, I decided I'd prepare the family for the sweltering heat and unimaginable humidity they would soon face. Every place we've been to so far that has been unbearably hot, I've promptly informed them, "Oh, you think this is hot? Just wait til we get to D.C."

Well, I ended up looking like a joke as the temperature dropped to about 75 degrees with very little has been absolutely perfect (just like California). I keep saying, "No. I PROMISE it is usually hotter...we're just really lucky" and everyone just kind of nods and rolls their eyes. Luckily, others have echoed the same thing, so I'm not made to look too foolish (yeah right).

Anyway, we got into our hotel in Maryland on Monday night. Come Tuesday morning, we headed out to the Air & Space Museum and the Natural History Museum. I think Mom and Dad would have really enjoyed the National Portrait Gallery and a couple of others, but I know for a fact that the kids would have whined and complained the entire time. We spent a lot of time at the Air and Space Museum, which kind of backed us up a bit, but it ended up working out in the end.

After that, we walked across the street to the Natural History Museum, where the kids got to see "Rexy," the T-Rex from the movie Night at the Museum II. They "ooed and awed" at all the other prehistoric fossils but by that time, they were beat and ready to go back to the hotel to swim.

[Right before this picture was taken, Robert yelled out, "Rexy!!" with arms wide open]

[Looking scared]

I, on the other hand, had plans to meet up with one of my good friends, Jessica, who I studied abroad with in France and who is now doing UCDC, the same internship program I did two years back. Since she's only been in D.C. for a week, I decided to take her out to dinner to a favorite spot that my roommates and I made a weekly ritual: Chi Cha Lounge, a tiny place with very chic decor and d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s food over on U Street.

In France, Jess and I saw each other every single day. But the moment we got back into the States, busy schedules and the distance from Santa Barbara to Irvine got the best of us and we never had a chance to meet up. When I realized that I'd be in D.C. the same time she was, I was thrilled to finally hang out! Well, dinner zoomed by as we caught up on each others lives now and reminisced about our beautiful memories in Lyon. In fact, we were so into catching up and telling stories, we completely forgot to take pictures :(

[Since I don't have pictures from dinner, here are some during our time in la belle France!]

I came back to the hotel around 10:30 p.m., where I found the kids happily watching cartoons and munching on watermelon. Being away for only 4 hours or so made me miss them. How ridiculous is that?! Something about walking into a hotel room and having "Sissy!" yelled out followed by three small hugs does that to you, I guess!

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