Destination 8: Charleston, South Carolina


Charleston, SC was just a one-night stop before a long drive to Jamestown, Virginia. But before heading to our hotel, we went to Fort Sumter, the site in which the Civil War was initiated on. We took a 30-minute ferry ride to the fort, spent about an hour looking at the various canons and the exhibits, and rode back. It was a wonderful historical lesson for the family, despite the 100+ degree weather. We witnessed how the canons swiveled back and forth, how thick the fort walls were (5 feet wide!), and how history may have changed had President Lincoln accepted his invitation to Fort Sumter the day he was assassinated at the Ford Theater.

[On the way there]

[And what we did on the way back...]

After the tour, we drove around Charleston, oo-ing and aw-ing at the gorgeous southern homes. They were all so large, grand, pristine and powerful. It was everything I imagined "southern" homes to look like.

I felt like such a tourist, peering up at the mansions outside of the car window. But sometimes that's OK, right? I'd like to compare it to the "celebrity sighting" tours around L.A. ;) After about an hour of circling around the same few blocks, we finally made our way onto the highway and into our next destination.

This is a short post, I know, but it was a short stop!

I hope you're having a beautiful week.

Love you <3

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