Destination 3: many pit stops and finally San Antonio, TX


Last night, when we realized that our reservations at Best Western in Pecos, TX were a mistake because 6 people in 1 room violates fire code, we made a last-minute decision to stop by Quality Inn to see if they had any rooms available. When we--me, the kids and Mom--sat in the van and saw Dad smile and pull out his wallet at the front desk, we knew it was a good sign. We didn't know just how sweet it until this morning.

Learning from the previous morning's mistake (of waking up 2 minutes before the end of a free continental breakfast), we woke up 30 minutes before breakfast closed. Expecting some coffee, toast, bagels and maybe some cereal, you can imagine how pleasantly surprised we were when we discovered waffles, yogurt, fruit, cereal, muffins, danish, the list goes on! They even had Skippy Peanut Butter packets to Robert's delight!

With full tummies, we happily waddled into the car for a 5-hour drive to San Antonio, TX to see the Alamo and the River Walk.

If you've ever traveled with kids, you know that it is absolutely impossible to stop only once for bathroom breaks. It seems as if 30 minutes after you've left the last rest stop and warned the kids that they better force their pee out because you're not stoppin' again, a kid yells, "Pull over! I have to peeeee!" That's just the way life goes, I guess.

Needless to say, we couldn't exactly find a rest stop in time for Robert's 3rd request to use the bathroom but we made due with what we had. I'll spare you the rest of the details but let's just say it required me holding an empty Big Gulp cup and yelling at the kids to make sure they don't get the drinks mixed up.

Anywho, once we (finally) got there, we only had 20 minutes before the Alamo closed for the day. The sun beat down on us like nothing we've experienced yet on this trip and the humidity was almost high enough for us to swim in our own sweat. But it was a really neat experience. As we walked through the Alamo and its shrine, the kids were really excited about David Crockett's actual rifle and vest that he owned. Shrieks of "Look Dad, it's Davy Crockett's gun!" echoed through the main room, making the kids sound well educated in early American history. That, however, was quickly countered when Dad had to explain to them that the Davy Crockett they knew was just an actor and that the portrait of the real Davy Crocket displayed on the wall was indeed him.

[Me & Mary]

[I added this simply because of Mary's face...classic and common
expression when dealing with Robert]

[They just take their jobs so seriously ;)]

[Taking a family photo is a slow-moving process for my family...]

After the Alamo closed, we walked around the River Walk, which is a beautiful strip of restaurants and shops along the river. Cute bridges and ivy adorn the river, making it look very rustic and romantic. We chose to eat at The County Line Barbecue Restaurant, which was delicious, heavy and large...everything I'd expect from a meal in Texas.

[My iced tea was bigger than Mary's head!]

[Everything really is big in Texas]

We walked around some more and enjoyed the vibrant energy that surrounded us. But most of our energy was spent on keeping Robert away from the edge of the sidewalk so that he wouldn't fall into the water (although that would have been a GREAT photo op!)

[This bench smelled like pee]

[Haha...kinda corny but I like it]

[Such a wonderful family...]

[Then, there's me]

At around 7 or 8, we headed to our next hotel in New Braunfels, TX where we will be all day tomorrow. We made it just in time to watch the Lakers' game (woohoo!) and enjoy a relaxing night in our cool and comfy room.

I should get to bed. We have a very full day ahead of us tomorrow. But it's kind of difficult when FOUR of the six family members snore. Oh boy.

Good night and sweet dreams!

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