I have an announcement.


In just a short 5 weeks, I will be embarking in a 6-week road trip with my family from June 14 to July 26!

There's no doubt that I'm crazy for happily agreeing to be in a minivan with kids ages 10, 8 and 7 for six weeks but my excitement surpasses any desire to run away/back out. Not only will I see some pretty awesome places throughout this country, I'll spend some serious quality time with my family before I jet set to Korea.

Not to mention the wonderful blogging/photography opportunities that will come from this. The only rule we have is that at the end of each day, we will always sleep in a hotel that has a pool. Hopefully this means I'll have easy accessibility to the internet to document all of my wonderful, crazy adventures!

Locations we plan to visit:

Phoenix, AZ
Surprise, AZ
Carlsbad Caverns, NM
Houston, TX
San Antonio, TX
New Orleans, LA
Sanderson, FL
Jacksonville, FL
Charleston, SC
Jamestown, VA
Washington, DC
Gettysburg, PA
Wilmington, DE
New York, NY
Boston, MA
Niagara Falls (Canada Side)
Mansfield, OH
Des Moines, IA
Mount Rushmore, SD
Yellowstone, WY
Provo, UT
Bryce Canyon, UT
Zion, UT
Las Vegas, NV

Whew!!! So that's the tentative plan...with 3 kids, this is definitely subject to change. I've officially been designated NY and DC to plan out for the family. Very excited!!

If any of you have been to any of the locations above and have suggestions, please share :) Thanks, lovelies <3


Lori's East Coast News said...

you should make time to visit Vermont and New Hampshire just to say that you have visited. It is unique to say the least and of course are two of the oldest states in the Union. besides that, you can drive through both states in a matter of mere hours, which is very different that driving through the state of california. have a wonderful adventure!

Simply Tanya said...

This is amazing!! I can't wait to talk about it with you on Saturday! :)

Elizabeth Sereno said...

That all seems like so much fun!! look up Katie in Provo, UT... she can show you some pretty cool places to visit and eat and stuff. and Bryce Canyon and Zion are gorgeous too... again, Katie can tell you the best hikes to do if you want to hike. And Boston is one of my favorite places... i cant wait to hear all about it!