Hands Down, Best Wedding Ever.


As you all know, Mark and I flew out to Raleigh, North Carolina for Mark's brother's wedding. The trip was quick--48 hours to be exact--but the exhaustion was well worth it. I've personally never been to a wedding other than my parents' so I was excited to celebrate such a beautiful thing with two equally beautiful people.

Now, I may not have other weddings to compare this to but everything was effortlessly wonderful to perfection. The laid-back atmosphere, lighthearted humor, beautiful people, the unconventional venue...it all added to how unique this wedding was. Plus I met great people and spent some quality time with Mark's family, who are always so, so, so much fun!

I didn't take a lot of photos because I was too busy having fun, running around and dancing my life away, but there are some great moments captured with the few that I have.

Thank you Sam and Starr and the rest of Mark's family for making this weekend so memorable and beautiful. It truly was spectacular :)

[The bridal shower. It took place at a gourmet chocolate factory
where Sam & Starr both work. How cool is that??]

[From left: Sam, Dave, Mark, Tom, Steve and Bill]

[Starr the bride!]

[Starr was wiping Sam's tears :) ]

[A fun picture at the end of the night!]

Every time I reflect on this past weekend, I realize more and more how awesome and special it was. Have a great Tuesday everyone!!

ciao <3


Emmmmmerzzz said...

I love your photos, Liz! I agree, it looks like a fabulous wedding :)

Joanna Goddard said...

you guys are so cute!!! this wedding sounds amazing. i love that the groom cried :)

Kaylenr said...

It was amazing! We will all have such beautiful memories together. I am so happy you were there!