Marching On.


I've got a good feeling about this one, folks.

March is going to be a good month. Even though it's 8:38 a.m. and I'd love to be in bed more than anything, the sun is shining outside and the days so far have been beautiful.

I have a lot of great things lined up for March and it's really exciting. I'm also really peaceful with the way life is, myself, the people in my life, and the unknown future. I had a little freak attack last week about the future...will I be successful? What will I do after Korea? Is going to Korea foolish?

Then, I remembered to just trust. Trust God because regardless of how much I kick and scream, He has a plan for me and my life will work out accordingly. Then, immediately, I was at peace.

Isn't that a beautiful thing? I think so.

Also, I know it's March, three months into 2010, but I've finally decided what my attainable goals are for this year.


one] Drink more water. I don't pee very much because I don't drink water very much (TMI? I think not). That's not a good thing.

two] Be more in tune with my body...meaning less music while I run and work out, & being more attentive to the way I breath, the way my body works together, etc.

three] Because of #2, get into yoga more. Rather than looking at it as a workout, use it as a peaceful mechanism to clear my mind and...relax.

four] Write more. No matter what it is, just write.

five] To write more, I need to read more.

six] Watch 2 French films a month without subtitles to keep up my French.

seven] Be outdoors more: beach, canyon, city, whatever.

eight] Practice patience. By far, the hardest goal.

nine] Drink less coffee and more tea. I don't like the jitters.

ten] Slow life down. Be French in California (almost an impossible task).


I declare the right to add and modify as I please...after all, they are my goals ;-)

Thank you for listening to my rants and raves. I never knew a virtual community of bloggers could be so comforting. I am forever grateful of the support.


Candice said...

all of this is absolutely wonderful. <3

Simply Tanya said...

I love your goals for 2010. They are all attainable and will make you feel better, mentally and physically. Good luck with it all, you'll go great!

Lori's East Coast News said...

love this; trusting God and following through with obedience to his direction and guidence has been the single most difficult thing for me to learn these past three months. way to are going to do great things.....i can't wait to read your first published novel.