Sleepless me...


As I prepare for the next 3 weeks of visitors, trips, and...finals (!!!), I have to take this moment to show the world that, despite my whirlwind of activities, I have learned to "stop."

When a leaf is too beautiful to pass by, I take a picture of it. When I discover a new look-out spot, I make a mental note of it and sit down for 10 minutes to enjoy it, thinking of whatever nonsense I usually think about. If there is a flower in bloom, I will smell it.

If there's one thing that I've learned, it's that the world is beautiful--not just Lyon--and we should do everything we can to appreciate it. Don't you agree?

November has proved to be quite the beautiful month so far. With Fall fully here, I look out of my windows every morning, thanking God that I'm in such a beautiful place. But then, I get sad thinking about how quick time is flying and how I only have 6 more weeks here. And then, I get happy again thinking about reuniting with my family and friends. It's quite exhausting having to go through this every morning ;-)

I've said this plenty of times but I'd really love to share my experience with all of you. If I could bring you in my pocket and show you all of the beautiful things I get to see everyday, I'd be the happiest person in the world. This is why it excites me to anticipate future visitors--Mark, Nick, Emily and Maria!

As I show my lovely friends the beauty of Lyon, I will also be working away late at night, catching up with homework and studying that I should be doing while I entertain. It will be a sleepless three weeks but I think it's worth it. Actually, I take that back. I am absolutely positive that it is worth it!

[Outside my window]

[On the way to the Sunday farmers market]

[Mmmmm olives!]

[All sorts of wines that I will attempt to bring back as gifts for my aunt and many to choose from!]

[Goat cheese]

[Tasty bread]

[French cheeses]

[Choose any spice you'd like]

[Tapenades and more olives]

[Yes, this is real. A dead duck hanging at the meat stand]

[Went to the oldest/biggest cemetery in Lyon for a little culture lesson]

[Look how beautiful the sky was]

[Making a wish near the infamous Lyonnais healer. Apparently, Emily's Russian homestay lady wrote her wish here and it came true. The wish? That her creepy son would find a wife and have a child. It came true a year later.]

[It was getting too cold]

[Stopped by my favorite park for a little's gorgeous, huh?]

[Stayed til the sun started going down]

[Tonight, had an asian-themed potluck. The menu: Thai curry, white rice, kimchi fried rice, kimchi fried rice again and tomato/egg/garlic stirfry]

[I made the kimchi fried rice...drooling :-)]

It was a great, relaxing weekend. I probably should have done more work than I did. However, I think I've forgotten how to study. But fret not parents, I did read a history book during the weekend so it wasn't completely unproductive. Tomorrow will be a big study day. Then, Wednesday is a holiday (as it is for you!) for us so we have no classes. I will use it as yet another study day to attempt playing catch up so that I'm not killing myself when finals come around.

Let's hope for a productive week! you all <3



Liz, i loved this entry, as well as your other ones. Again, i dont even know what to say. Man, i miss you though. I'm glad you're having a good time out there. Enjoy your last couple weeks. =]

Simply Tanya said...

I love the food pictures because I love food lol. The olives and cheeses look delectable! I can't wait for Mark to get there for you! You guys are going to have a blast on your birthday weekend. We will definitely celebrate when you get back! I love how you still manage to have your yummy kimchi even in Lyon. I want some! Can't wait til you come home! <3

Mratto said...

I'm on the plane and I can't wait to stop, with you. See you in just 14 hours.