Exhausted but a quick update.


Hi all...

I just got back from a fun-filled weekend in Lille and Paris and I'm absolutely exhausted. I only had about 4 hours of sleep. My apartment is freezing and as much as I'd love to call home and skype with my family, post pictures, update my blog with an extensive description of my weekend, all I can think about is crawling into my bed for a good night's rest.

But just a quick update before tomorrow's "real" post: this weekend was beautiful- starting with a night of great music (the one and only Phoenix), a morning in quaint Lille and a massive 2-day run around in Paris made this weekend one of the best, most memorable experiences to date.

Here are a couple pictures to hold you over until next time. Look at the beautiful changing leaves :-) It makes my heart flutter with joy and excitement for the beautiful fall/autumn that is already here. Although that means VERY cold weather (40 degrees), it also means trees changing colors, bundling up, more tea and coffee and some toasty nights in my apartment.

[do you see that in my hand? yep, Starbucks. First one in 3 months :-)]

Ok, bed time now. Until tomorrow, love ya!


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eileen said...

shoot looks like i went to paris in the wrong time! paris in autumn looks amazing!!
starbucks in paris, not quite the same, but def. brings the familiarity of home sweet home ;) [except steeper prices]