Just a teeny bit homesick...


After 3 jam-packed days of fun and complete exhaustion, one of my best friends, Candice, is gone and I have to admit, I'm feeling slightly homesick. You know, that tugging feeling in your chest or that little lump in your throat. Yeah, that :-/

In the midst of all the chaos of classes starting, finding housing until Thursday and getting an itinerary ready for Candice and Mark's dad (next weekend in Paris), a familiar face provided a lot of consistency and comfort. I'm absolutely in love with the people in my program and I'm ecstatic about all the new friends I'm making, but to hang out with one of my best friends who knows me inside and out was heartwarming, awesome and just fun.

Candice spent a few days on the coast of Italy with a high school friend of her's from Germany. With no internet accessibility, she made her way to the beautiful city of Lyon, hoping we'd meet somehow...some way. I knew that she was flying into LYS at 6:20 pm on Wednesday night. I tried to go meet her at the airport so she wouldn't have to figure out how to call me/get a hold of me and make her way through Lyon by herself. But in a rush, I jotted down the wrong directions to the airport (apparently, there is a Bron airport but the bus stop is no where near the actual airport). After a 30 minute trek to Bron (the outskirts of Lyon), I realized that I was in the middle of nowhere. I had a mini panic attack and then, God sent me an angel. At the bus stop, I asked this man how to get to the airport because I'm supposed to meet my friend. He suggested that if my friend calls back, ask her to come meet me at Gare de la Part Dieu (a main train station in Lyon) and then, he'll show me the way to Gare de la Part Dieu. If she didn't call back, I'd have to take a cheap bus to the airport because there was no metro or tram that would take me directly to the airport. Thankfully, Candice called and I asked her to write down Gare Part Dieu and try to find a bus that goes there. Right then, the phone clicked. Her credit ran out. At the same time, I was going below ground for the metro.

Who knew if she was trying to call?
Did she get the name?
Is she actually going to come or do I need to meet her?

These questions went through my mind as the angel man directed me from one metro stop to the next. When I finally got to Gare Part Dieu, I had no idea what to do. By this time, it was 8 p.m. (2 hours after she arrived) and I had absolutely no idea if she was meeting me or if I was meeting her. I decided to stay...I waited for an hour and a half and really began to panic. When I finally heard, "LIZ!!!" and looked back and saw her, I wanted to cry--the relief and the excitement of seeing Candice was sooo overwhelming! Thankfully, we had finally be reunited.

Off we went for our 4 day adventure as if none of this just happened. We had a delicious dinner, met up with some friends and went to the international students party. It was fun but we were so exhausted, we decided to call it an early night.

The next day, I had a 2-hour class so Candice went to a nearby museum and took a nap along the river. After class, we went grocery shopping and had a wonderful picnic in Le Parc de la Tete D'Or. It was beautiful--despite the raining weather predictions, the evening was nice and warm. We talked for hours on end and it was beautiful :-)

[Blurry picture but yummy baguette and cheese!]

[Also blurry but beautiful entrance to the park...Candice blends in!]

On Friday, we hung out in Vieux Lyon and checked out Saint Jean Cathedral, Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviére and Les Théatres Romains de Fourviére. Although I had seen it all during my 3-hour tour at the end of August, it was still breathtaking and stunning. Candice and I couldn't wrap our heads around the fact that something so beautiful existed thousands of years ago...that these ruins are basically in people's backyards. So interesting!

[Walking through the gardens to Fourviére]

[Couldn't find a way into Fourviére so I hopped the fence]

[Beautiful lookout of Lyon minus the man on the left who wanted to join in]


[Inside Fourviére and absolutely beautiful!]

[Théatres Romains de Fourviére- plays once took place at these theaters]

We had amazing food (as always!) in Vieux Lyon and after, we met up with my friend Brittany and her two visiting friends. We then went over to another friend's flat before heading out to a boat altogether.
[A crépe sucre (sweet) that we shared...mmmmmm!]

When Saturday finally rolled around, we were so completely exhausted from the jam-packed days that we decided to take it easy. We shopped around and found some cool vintage stores in Croix-Rousse. Because this weekend is the opening weekend for the Biennale festival (art/culture festival in Lyon that goes on for a couple of months), we saw a couple performances, including a young man and woman salsa dancing in a cobble stone alley of sorts. The afternoon zoomed past us and before we knew it, it was time for Candice to board her train. After a couple of tears and many goodbyes, she made her way to Charles de Gaulle Airport.

[Dancing...loved it]

It was an absolutely beautiful weekend. She brought a little bit of "home" with her and it was so refreshing to be around. I miss all of you!

Enjoy your Sunday and keep your eyes open for a new post coming soon :-)



Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful! Glad all worked out well and you two met. Before you know it, Tom will be there to ease the homesicknesses. Mark is at the movies with the boys. They should be back by 7ish, and perhaps hungry. We'll wait for them so it'll be a late dinner. Love you. Mom


Man! That is so crazy! I'm glad she ended up finding you. I am so jealous she got to see you! Anyways, don't feel too homesick, we're not going anywhere. We all miss you so much and can't wait for detailed stories!! I'm already planning a weeks worth of starbucks sessions for when you get back! Don't worry, I left time for you and Marrk and your family to hang out inbetween! lol...

Miss you!