All the Marchés you can imagine.


Mom: "I am going to boycott your blog."
Me: "Why?"
Mom: "Because you don't post enough."

Ok, point taken. 3 days later, new blog...yay!

I knew that when I was choosing Lyon, I was going into a city full of hidden gems. It may not be the center of everything, like Paris, but it has things that Paris will never compare to. For example, Lyon has the most amazing marchés (markets) I will ever experience. Not only do they have farmer's markets almost everyday of the week, they have markets for cheeses, meats and wines. They have markets for clothes, books and postcards. Lyon has markets for everything. This weekend marked the 24th anniversary of Les Tupiniers du Vieux Lyon, a pottery festival that featured over 140 different artists. Saturday and Sunday, hundreds if not thousands of people, tourists and locals alike, crowded the cobble stone streets of Place Saint Jean in Vieux Lyon to purchase, look at and enjoy the works of talented artists. I went both days but after feeling completely exhausted on Saturday, I mustered up just enough energy to brave the crowds and purchase a few things on Sunday. I also went to Croix-Rousse for their ridiculously enormous marché.

[Saint Jean Cathedral]
[Nicholas & Alexa and the Fourviere in the back]


After Vieux Lyon, we headed to Croix-Rousse for their market. I had the idea that there was going to be more pottery stuff but I was wrong. Instead, there were miles and miles of stuff...lots of stuff. It was fun and an awesome way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Sure, I got claustrophobic but that's all part of the experience, right?

[2 hours later, 2349834 more people came.]

I was so overwhelmed and exhausted that I didn't take many pictures in Croix-Rousse. But anyway, the markets are great and although the pottery festival has come and gone, I still have the flea markets in Villerbeune and the 9 other farmer's markets scattered throughout Lyon to look forward to.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of class. I'm not exactly sure if I'll have class tomorrow but school has officially began! One of my best friends and old roommate, Candice, is coming to visit on Wednesday. She leaves Sunday so we have 4 days of fun, fun, fun. More pictures soon to come.

Until next time, ciao & bisou <3


Susan said...

What I said was you DON'T post enough and that's why I was boycotting it, not enough. I keep checking your blog hoping, anticipating, and hold my breath for a new adventure, then nothing!!!!! When you live vicariously through other people's adventures, you want to make sure you're doing lots of exploring and living, not just once a week. K?????

Anyway, why isn't this site letting me post all of my comments? I had some responses to your letter to Korean food.

Just had some of Aunt Mary's kimchi patties. Yum. Oh sorry. You can't get those there. I forgot!

I love you.


elysabeth said...

Oops! That was what I meant to say...I'll fix that.

I'm not sure why you can't post your comments. Did it happen again? And thanks for rubbing it in that I can't eat Korean food! Actually, I had a fried egg with rice yesterday and it was soo amazing.

Susan said...

I think I may have figured out why.
If I submit without the word verification, I don't think it logs. I'm going to try that.

Susan said...


No, that wasn't the problem. It just gives me more word verification. I think maybe it's just my computer. Or maybe it was operator error. I wonder if I hit some other button . . . hmmm. I don't know.

Are you and Candice having fun?
Sorry I couldn't send any banchan and kimchi with her. I don't think she would have been your friend for long had I made such a request.

Susan said...

Your first picture on the previous blog looks like you have to use the potty. :-)