Mr. Real


I came across these pictures of President Obama the other day on Flickr. I chose my favorite--the most personable, personality-revealing, humanistic photos of him. As you can imagine, there were an abundant amount to choose from. To me, our president seems like a good-hearted, laid back and welcoming guy, doesn't he?

(On Easter Sunday helping a young girl on her very important egg hunt)
(Just a good, 'ol family guy)
(Cook off with one of my favorite chefs, Bobby Flay)
(Tossing a football while his assistant tells him the status of Russia- jk, I don't know what his assistant is saying)
(Pound it!)
(Picking up the fly he swatted during the infamous interview)

So there you have it. Mr. President, keep up the good work. I respect your honesty and your ability to bring the job of the President to human terms. You've proven that you're just a human, not a saint and certainly not God. Good job.



Hey Blog BUddy! lol I loved this one! Short, but sweet! =] I miss you! One week and I'm home!

Tanya Nadine said...

LOVE it! He is so relaxed and adorable. I love the way he treats the women in his life... which is pretty much all of them.