Goooooo Angels!


I've never been a bigger, louder Angels fan than I was this weekend. Never have I ever been a bigger Chone Figgins fan either (#9 of the Angels and might I add, clutch for the team). You know why? Well, I was in Baltimore, MD watching the Orioles play my home team: the Anaheim Angels.But before that, I want to give you a run down of the rest of my weekend. Here in DC, the weekend starts on Thursday night. However, my friends and I have managed to find a weekly tradition for every day except Mondays (that's why they are so dreadful). Mondays- are for getting errands done; Tuesdays- we go to McFadden's for $1 tacos; Wednesdays- we go to Chi-Cha, which is a really neat and laid back lounge; Thursdays- the beginning of the weekend which leaves it open for anything!; Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays- very similar: exploring museums or various outings during the day, and usually dancing or hanging out at night. This week was no different. Thursday, my suite mate, Emma, and our friend, Eric, decided to walk around Dupont Circle (the area we live around) on a whim and randomly wandered into this wonderful...and I mean WONDERFUL salsa club called Cafe Citron. The environment was absolutely amazing. The place was packed with salsa dancers and there were bango players on the tables. We danced the night away, trying our best to imitate salsa moves, while Eric jumped up and played the bango! I wish I had pictures but they are on Emma's camera...I'll upload them soon.

Anyway, Friday was pretty mellow. I went to Georgetown with my usual Friday group, Nick and Eric, to walk around and enjoy the little strip of shops along the river. We ate pho and ended up watching Step Brothers. The pho was alright; not as good as it is back home but sufficient. The movie was hilarious...I mean, what Will Ferrell movie isn't? After that, we decided to go back to our apartments and relax.

Saturday was similar in that myself, Nick and Chad decided to check out the hip hop exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian. It was really neat to see some photographs of old-school hip hop, before it was invaded by all that nonsense dirt. They had these huge murals of graffiti in bright colors...

After that, we went to Pentagon City Mall to shop but soon realized that it isn't much fun to shop when you're short on cash. So then, we went home...empty-handed.

Sunday was the big trip to Baltimore. We left at about 9:30, slept on the bus for 45 minutes, and soon arrived in the inner harbor of Baltimore. The city isn't beautiful in the sense that there isn't much greenery, but it's still a lot of fun. We went to get some crab cakes at Shuckers, a restaurant at Fells Point. The waiter was super friendly and gave us a lot of recommendations on what to do before the game. Before we knew it, there was a huge thunder storm, bordering what looked like a hurricane. With pouring rain, lightening, thunder, and waves in the harbor, I thought that we were going to blow away. However, the rain soon ended, leaving a lingering sprinkle throughout the day. After walking around a bit, we made our way to the game. I asked all the vendors if they had any Angels hats, and all I got were dirty looks...hmmm, I wonder why.

The game was really fun. We didn't get there until the 4th inning and our section was filled, so we sat a few rows down. Since we were recommended to do so, I didn't feel so bad. Plus, they were really good seats! We sat right by first base. However, to my dismay, the Angels lost 5-2. Oh well. So much for my hootin' and hollerin'. The bus back left at 5 and as soon as we got on, we all crashed.

The rest of the night was pretty mellow. With work the next morning, I decided to relax and do a little reading before hitting the sack. Yet, I still woke up this morning exhausted. I have not had one night of good sleep here because my bed is so uncomfortable. Oh well, I only have to endure for a few more weeks. The rest of this week will be dedicated for my trip to New York. I'll be visiting Mark's dad and sister; they will be such a help showing me around the city since they live there.

Meanwhile, one of my blogs for work was a response to a Huffington Post article. What makes it cool is the fact that the writer actually commented my blog. Read it here: Tanene Allison. I hope you enjoy it...

Until next time, ciao ;-)

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