Adjustment and transition is never easy


I will apologize in advance because this post will have no cool-looking pictures...but wait! Don't leave yet because what I have to say is still important :-)

First off, I've been MIA on the blogging for a couple of days because I've attended a conference for the past two days in relation to my job. It is basically about online organization for advocacy groups and the perks of online activity rather than offline. The conference is great--the technology is cutting edge and the people are passionate (which is somewhat of a norm here in DC). The group consists of about 75 people from various organizations spanning from the Humane Society of the United States to organizations like Rock the Vote. The conference is rather progressive and many of the speakers are extreme leftists as they make sure to only attack Republicans to avoid offending any of the organizations that the attendees are a part of; however, I am definitely enjoying myself and the training is very interesting. In this conference, I've seen that the role that social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, etc. has is so significant in political agenda and advocacy, it's quite amazing. The role of blogging in everyday people's life is surprising too--it is absolutely crazy how many people use blogs as their news source now due to the unreliability of our news stations. I'm just taking it all in right now and enjoying all the different kinds of people and their passions.

Today is the second day of the conference and we will be getting out at 3:30 which is nice; that just means I get to start my 4th of July vacation early :-) I'm not sure what our plans are but I think we'll be hanging out around the mall (for those of you who don't know--because I didn't--the mall consists of the area around the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial, etc). Sometime in the evening, they have some pretty cool fireworks. However, I'm sure it will be extremely crowded with lots of smelly tourists (as if I'm a local now...ha!). That's all we have planned for now but I'm sure it will be much more than that. I'll definitely have some cool pics after this weekend...I have's 4th of July in our nation's capital. If I didn't, I'd totally blow it.

This weekend will be a great way to get out of our funk that my roommates, friends and I have been in. We're all going through this adjustment/transition period that makes us emotional at times, missing home, and wishing for more involvement in our internships. We all want more from our internships but at the same time, we understand that it is just the beginning and in the end, it is up to us to make the internship what we want. As for the jobs, all we can do right now is be patient yet persistent. The nostalgia that we're all experiencing is something that, I think, will always be there but it's a matter of dealing with it properly. We're all strong personalities and I'm sure at times, it will be very difficult, but I know that each of us won't let it ruin our experience here in DC. All this to say: transitioning is never easy. It's always better to just be adjusted :-) But then again, when does that ever happen?

Again, this post is too long--that's one thing I've learned from my job as I've done a lot of blogging for their site. People don't like long blogs. Short and sweet is always the best formula. I seem to fail consistently with this blog, but hopefully, it's still enjoyable.

OK, I lied...I posted a picture. Enjoy!

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