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I've decided that this blog will be a perfect way for family and friends to see what's going on in my life during these 10 weeks here in the nation's capital. It will force me to post pictures and document everything that happens here for you guys. On one condition, you have to let me know you're reading it--in other words, I just need to know that I'll be doing this for a reason...even if it's one person that is reading it, I'll do my job.

So let's begin, shall we? First off, I am interning for ServeNext, an advocacy group dedicated to expanding national service opportunities in America by building the political will to fill the need for national service. My internship specifically deals with the journalism aspect of it which includes: blogging, reporting, attending meetings and site visits to network and gain support, updating of the website, engaging in conferences, etc. It's a great internship and as the days unravel, it only gets better. For example, I was planning on taking the metro everyday to work which is fine because the metro is wonderful.
However, it can get expensive. Well, come to find out, they moved into a new office just yesterday which is only about 5 blocks from me....walking distance...yay! In addition, they are very flexible with schedules. If there is a day I can't come in, they are very understanding. They also understand if I want to take some time off to travel, since I am traveling here for ten weeks with a group of students. Not to mention that what they work for is absolutely amazing!

Yesterday was my first day at the office. I wasn't there very long because I simply went to get a tour of the place and pick up a key for myself. However, I now see why locals wear sandals to and from work, then switch to their heels once they reach their offices. If you don't, your feet will fall off!!!!! I have blisters everywhere...yuck!

After that, I went to the mall with my roommate to return her suit for a smaller size. This mall was amazing--HUGE!!! But, I wonder, just because we're in DC, does it have to look like this:

We only stayed for a short while because we had to get to a group pizza outing an hour and a half later.

(Roommate Daria and good friend Nick)

After pizza, the entire UC Center (every group from every UC) partook in a DC Night Tour and it was absolutely beautiful. I got a few good pictures, but I have to go back for others like the Lincoln Memorial and such. Believe me, these pictures DO NOT do justice to it's true beauty and power. I literally felt the tears building up.

So those are just a few pictures from the night tour. Like I said, I need to go back for the other monuments but hopefully you can see how spectacular they are.

I hope you enjoy...

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schinn said...

Those are great pictures. I think you're right. You have to experience all of that in person to truly appreciate the beauty and the awe.

It's fun getting to experience DC vicariously through you. I'll have to show the kids the photos. The scenes are great but get some shots with you in it. That will be more fun for the kids.

Have fun! Do I REALLY need to remind you to do this? I love you.